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Founded in 1980 by James A. Osgood, United Brands, Inc. is a third-generation Idaho dehydrated potato supplier to worldwide industrial customers.  

Our dehydration facilities are located close to Osgood, Idaho to minimize transportation costs and product damage.

Idaho Complete Mash Potato Mix

Made with the highest quality ingredients, including real milk solids, our mix has been developed to minimize the use of preservatives and potential allergens.


Introductory Offer

Our product is packaged in 20# and 50# industrial flour bags with a side-pour spout.  Introductory order minimum is 1,000 lbs. in either package size.  Standard pallet configuration is 40 x 50 lbs. (2,000 lbs.) per pallet, full truckload is 20 pallets for 40,000 lbs. FOB Cincinatti OH.

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  1. Matthew Osgood, President  & CEO                   
  2. Rod Gould, VP Sales & Marketing  Direct Line (208) 870-5300

United Brands Idaho

P.O. Box 1635, Boise, ID 83701

(208) 342-3000


Monday - Friday: 8am - 5pm Mountain Time Zone

Saturday - Sunday: Closed.


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